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First you have "The Money Man" and "The Loan Wolf" David Hardy and his pup, Ryah. David is an experienced local Loan Officer with the knowledge to help Veterans understand their benefits when purchasing a home. He spent 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and is a lightning strike survivor with that Marine-mindset and years of mortgage experience; he is well-equipped to guide vets smoothly to the closing table.

David joined the A-team to become a part of a united-front; experienced veterans coming together to help others who have served. He is dedicated to finding all the resources and educating veterans about the benefits that they deserve.

David Hardy

(Veteran/Loan Officer NMLS 1891302)

Swift Home Mortgage



And Your Safe House Guide... After 20 years, Amy Long left the military to start a new mission... Guiding veterans through the chaos that is Home Buying. Amy is always ready to get dirty in any environment with her combat boots and work uniform. She may be a little rough around the edges and unorthodox... but she gets the job done. As part of The A-Team, Amy will stop at nothing to find the Right Home for you.

She will help you to navigate the chaos and Guide You Home. Though she be little, She be fierce and Fierce is what you NEED in this market.


Amy Long


Keller Williams Smart



And Finally once you have found your Safe House, 

There's no place the Recon Man, Frank Lee, will not go! Attic? No problem! Pool check? Sure thing! Up on the roof to find enemy leaks? He DOES IT ALL!! His talent and dedication to doing it right the first time is what makes him the best!

That's why he joined the A-Team! His years of military experience give him an edge in the face of danger. He is fearless and won't shy away from telling the truth when he finds an issue with your mission plan.


Frank Lee

(Veteran/Home Inspector)

Complete Residential Home Inspections

(863) 279-2157


Together, we are The Problem Solvers Of Real Estate.

If you have a problem...

If no one else can help...

And if you can find us...

May YOU can hire The A-Team!