OCTOBER Small Business Recommendation!!

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I have always been a bit scattered... The military taught me to keep everything in line and controlled, but when I get home... I just can't seem to do it.

The dishes pile up until I need a clean spoon. The laundry gets forgotten until I run out of socks. Never mind dusting or sweeping.... That is not a thing.

But last November I sent my neighbor Teresa O'Brien a card and this wonderful woman invited this stranger to get tea. She shared her brand new business

with me and it clicked that it might be EXACTLY WHAT I DESPERATELY NEED.... A tiny bit of help.

Teresa hires local women in need of some extra income to use their skills to help other women. I have an AnnMarie to do my dishes, sweep, and put my

cardboard in the recycling container!! She works for 1 hour and even walks my Tiny Pup Chloe Bear before she says good-bye and heads out. Some weeks

I request an extra hour of her time and she takes a load of items I want to donate to Lighthouse Ministries. Imagine a world where your donation box doesn't

rent space in your trunk for a week or even a month before ding dropped off!!

This week Ginny is bringing her hot glue gun to my house to help me with a craft project so I do not have to buy a glue gun I will likely NEVER use again!

Margaret came to help decorate my patio and Photographer Debbie will be taking photos of Lakeland for my Save the Date Postcards!!

There is nothing they cannot do from data entry and marketing to cleaning and running errands. Every time I have asked....

Teresa always replies back, "I have a HelpHER for that!"

Try it out! You will not be sorry!


Lakeland, FL